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About us

Total Fishing Fanatics. is a lifestyle outdoor brand where the philosophy is quality gear at "reely" good prices.

A passion for fishing paired with a unique entrepreneurial talent is what brought Total Fishing Fanatics to come into existence With a mix of creativity, as well as trial and error, the brand has its humble roots.
Al Bento, Master Lure Maker and Hawaiian Legend in fishing the waters of Hawaii, inspired the Brand. We Exclusively represent His hand made one of a kind lures. Each Lure has 50 or more hours of craftsmanship built in its creation. Al makes each lure himself. The " Mana" that exists in each lure can not be reproduced anywhere else.
Today, Total Fishing Fanatics. is known as a brand that supplies consumers with everything they need to make the most out of their fishing excursions. Sporting the Total Fishing Fanatics Brand reveals a passion for the brand, but it goes beyond just that. With our Total Fishing Fanatics team extending far beyond the United States, it means more than using our gear it means a shared connection across the globe.