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Carbon Fiber Travel Mate Spinning Fishing Rod

1. Category: Lure rod
2. Total length: 2.1m/2.4m/2.7m
3. Contraction length: 57cm/65cm/72cm
4. Action: Fast
5. Power: Medium
6. Section: 4 
7. Material: 93% Carbon 
8. Line Weight: 2-8 lb
9. Lure Weight: 3/10-1 oz
10. Stainless steel framed guides
11. Works great with mono, fluoro, or superlines
12. Almost weightless space-age EVA grips
13. Two-piece Soft Touch reel seat with maximum blank exposure
14. The featherweight 85 million modulus carbon fiber blank provides the ultimate  combination of extreme power and mind-blowing sensitivity. 
15. Ideal for traditional monofilament or modern superline braids! 
16. Ultra-lightweight two-piece P-Tec EVA grips with plenty of blank exposure so you can  feel the lightest pick-ups; super-light two-piece Soft Touch reel seat with max blank contact.
17. You’ve never held a spinning rod so light, and you’ll be so amazed by the way it  performs, you won’t want to stop fishing with it. Try one today!
The Package Includes:
1 x Fishing Rod
1 x Rod Protection Bag
$ 57.99
Secure Seal
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